Allison Mack and the Spanking Cult

Allison Mack and the Spanking Cult

A fascinating story has hit the headlines today – The beautiful Allison Mack, who appeared in Smallville, amongst other TV hits, has become the second in command of a cult based around Keith Raniere.

The allegations taken from the Frank Report, are that she is responsible for recruiting female cult followers to become slaves of Mr Raniere. The women are subjected to a regime involving starvation and sleep deprivation, but the most interesting aspect is that she is said to have introduced corporal punishment, in the form of paddlings on the bare bottoms of slaves who do not conform to the cult’s rules. The spankings are administered by women on women, and are said to be ‘brisk and painful’. Strange world!

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*Actress Allison Mack – who was the third lead in the TV show Smallville – has assumed the top position in the harem of Keith Raniere. She has surpassed several long time harem members and assumed the role of the late Pamela Cafritz.

Miss Mack reformed the model Miss Cafritz employed and enhanced it, creating an organized system where women obey her daily instructions.

Her structure is based on a 6-6-6- model. She has six slaves who in turn are required to get six slaves and each of these six are required to get six more slaves.

From there, the movement can spread infinitely. Miss Mack has also introduced corporal punishment as part of the disciplinary process. Failure to recruit slaves results in prescribed corporal punishment. To date this has been administered through a brisk and painful [but not permanently injurious] paddling on the naked buttocks of the offending slave.

[Stock picture of paddling]

This is a representation of the paddling punishment imposed on the women of DOS who fail to meet their quota of slave enrollment. The man with the paddle in this picture is not Mr. Raniere. Sources say that the paddling is administered by women on women.*

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  1. Yes I also read this article and found it rather interesting to say the least. It just goes to show you that regardless of who you are and how other people perceives you, they really never know people outside of the face they show us of who they really are. I am happy to see that Allison is good at what she does and I think similarly that slaves should not only be enslaved to a master, but work to enlarge his stable because after awhile especially if the slaves you are collecting are cash slaves, these slaves become product and the master is the factor and like all factories, you need product to produce and that is what slaves are used for.

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