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Are you looking to change some of your bad habits or improve your overall behaviour and to develop more in your professional or private life? If the answer is YES and you think that some discussion and physical punishment might help you gain the appropriate focus to achieve then let me help. As an experienced mentor / life and skills coach who is also an accomplished disciplinarian, I have found that some appropriate physical discomfort can usually help in these situations and give you an impetuses to succeed. It is appreciated that the scope of this type of motivation will vary from individual to individual and may just take the form of a spanking across my knee or that some harder application using implements such as the strap or cane may be required. Potential candidates should appreciate that there may be some embarrassment / humiliation involved as in a lot of cases punishment will be applied to the unclothed bottom. If this is of potential interest, please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements in greater detail and arranged to meet your particular requirements. You should be able to either accommodate yourself or be able to easily travel to The South Bucks area. I would be happy for someone to accompany you or indeed perhaps your partner or friend may want to be included. There would be no fees for this service if accepted
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