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If you have met someone through this site, and had a spanking encounter, or a near miss (!) let us know.  Submit your feedback here, and, after moderation, it will be published on the site.


Recent feedback:

From:  Female spankee, who responded to an ad:

Date:  29 October 2017

Today I had the ‘misfortune’ of receiving a well deserved and long overdue punishment. As I write this I sit on a butt that felt the consequences of 30 years of fantasizing about  what the cane and strap felt like. In recent years I have watched videos and today was the day.

My interest in spanking started when I was 10 years old, and saw my then boyfriend receive 4 with strap and 6 of the best for something I should have taken rap for. (We played truant, at my instigation.)

After lengthly correspondence, I met up with Mike, went to his house near Beckenham, and changed into my school uniform. When I entered Mike’s spanking room, he told me that, as I was the instigator, I would receive double the amount my boyfriend received – 8 of strap and 12 with cane. Mike was as good as his word, and in a very short time my bottom was stinging and striped by hard strokes from his swishy cane, as I bent over a chair, with my skirt up and my knickers down.

The process from start to finish was miraculously easy and, (apart from my butt) exceptionally comfortable.

Doing something like this was risky , and out of character for me, but you only live once! (No pain no gain?).

However, at no point did I feel like my spanker was taking advantage nor did I feel unsafe. Everything was clearly laid out and I came home (on a very interesting train ride) elated. I took my punishment well I feel. I stayed in position. I can say without a shadow of a doubt this will not be my last. Tonight you will find me sleeping on my stomach, and I have twelve distinct and parallel stripes on my bottom.

Reflecting on a very unique day. I wish I could tell Pete, my ex boyfriend from school – I have received my just retribution and have borne the consequences of my actions.

Overall, I would give Mike a 5* rating – a good, accurate and sensitive disciplinarian who gave me exactly what I needed, and no more.