Book and video reviews

Book and video reviews

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Book Review:  “Spank: The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown”

This has to be a true “spanking literature masterwork” which is a rarity. It is not really that long ago since “spanking literature” meant buying the now defunct Janus magazine.

Now a search with “spanking” on Amazon returns pages and pages of titles covering every imaginable flavor and nuance of the spanking genre. But as the volume increases, so the proportion of gold in among the dross gets less and less.

So, here in “Spank” is a real 24 carat gold nugget. Normally, given a choice, we like literature better than ungrammatical drivel. “Spank” is good spanking literature firstly because it is pretty good literature.

Even without the spanking content, this is a pretty good book with a great mix of happy and sad – just like life. Then you add in the spanking and the result is outstanding. I’m not sure if it is spanking seasoned with literature or literature seasoned with spanking, but either way, it is a feast.

The two protagonists are George and Catherine who we meet in separate strands of stories that are gradually knitted together as we progress. Catherine we meet “full naughty schoolgirl” form, complete with navy blue knickers (though they are soon removed from the scene.) Sometimes things – like the British fixation on these knickers can intrude in a story and spoil it for others, but this is never so in The Improbable Adventures.

Every “spanking” has his or her special thing and the scope of George’s travels means that whatever your thing is, you will probably find it here. But the great trick is that when you read it, if it isn’t your thing you will find it interesting and often exciting and erotic anyway.

How many times did you buy a “spanking book” and find that it is a scant 60 pages, but then you are glad because by page 20, you are wishing the end will come soon. No chance of that here – The Improbable Adventures of George Aloysius Brown is an utterly different kettle of fish! This is a veritable feast, and when you finally come to the end (some 300 pages) you are hoping that Spank – Part Deux will be along soon.

Available on Amazon and highly recommended.

Reviewed by:  Michael M