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I think of spankings as a reward not a punishment

Gentlemen, if you are into punishment and teaching naughty ladies some discipline, then this ad isn't for you. I do not subscribe to the whole Dom/sub thing, and role play…
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Safe/sane/strict/genuine mature disciplinarian for you ladies that need discipline in your lives.

Ladies, I'm a safe, sane, strict mature male disciplinarian living and working in central London. Are you a woman that thinks you need some discipline in your life? Maybe your…
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Punishment Slip: To Whom It May Concern (Complete when replying)

Behaviour Issue: A need to be disciplined and taken to task but whilst research home work, reading ads and nearly answering them, has been actioned no final decision and contact…
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The return of Miss Cameo!

The return of Miss Cameo!

My name is Miss Cameo, I'm a Dominatrix & Disciplinarian of over 16 years experience but have been away from the professional scene for 5 years, but now I have…
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Seeking older lady who likes to spank guys

Hi There - I'm a late middle aged white guy who is looking for a mature lady to come and give him the occasional bare bottom spanking - and a…
City of London
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Mentoring by 'Friendly but Firm' Chap

Mentoring by 'Friendly but Firm' Chap

Thanks for stopping by. I am a professional and sane person who has been around the spanking and discipline scene for longer than he cares to remember 🙂 My years…
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I need money

Hi I am virgin... I really need money... you can spanking me... wax my pussy... or play bdsm with me...
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I need money

Hi I need money... you can spanked me... and pay me...
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Have you been a very naughty girl?

Whether it's your first spanking or fiftieth, I can provide you with a spanking you desire and deserve. I am a 25 years old, white (some might say a pale…
Total views: 226

In Debt from Christmas?

Are you in debt? Do you owe money because of Christmas? Have you been naughty and need some tough discipline I have a solution for your problem! All you need…
Total views: 143
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