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Hello, I’ve left a few of these personals over the years and have been on occasion been lucky enough to meet somebody. So I thought, time for a new one.

I am 44, I live in east London and have a lifelong need to spank. For me, it really is all about the discipline side. Well, more than that. It’s all about the mood and the atmosphere, the language. If you’re kind of just into the act itself (spank, spank, spank) I doubt we’ll be very compatible. I love phrases such as ‘young lady’, ‘naughty girl’, ‘trip across the knee’ and so many more besides. I have many trigger words and phrases.

Scolding is a big deal for me, before and during. I like a matter of fact, formal approach. I prefer it to be for real things, not made up. I like to take a mentoring type approach. My favourite position is over the knee, ideally with a straight backed chair. Classic, I know. Clothes first, and working down. I think a layers approach works best - ending with bare. I like to make a big deal of each stage too. In fact I like to take time full stop. I see every part of this process as important, and don’t understand why anyone would rush.

Another regular feature for me is corner time. A naughty girl reflecting on her bad behaviour. Nose right into the corner. It’s part of the embarrassment for me. That's another thing - embarrassment is a key factor for me. The sheer shame of this. The indignity. A grown woman needing this.

So who am I looking for? Well, this is probably going to sound a bit worthy, but age and looks really aren’t much of a factor. The only thing is the other person should have a genuine understanding and interest in discipline.

Now for the important honest bit - I'm married. Very happily so. My wife knows all about this, and there are no secrets. But it does mean I will only ever be interested in discipline. A few other things about me - I'm tall, slim with black hair. I am a writer, with a fascination for travel.

Hope to hear from someone. All the best.
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