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I think that spanking is very addictive at any stage of experience. The initial thinking about it, watching videos, reading stories escalates to making contact via ads like this etc, and then taking the plunge and not really knowing what to say, and what to embarrassingly (to you) admitting to wanting.

Do I want hard or soft, sadistic or caring, but if caring will it be hard enough. Do I want parental or school type, dressed as naughty girl or as woman, man dressed in suit with authority, words that make my tummy flip (spank, smack, naughty girl, across my knee, bend over, you needed this a long time ago etc)

The answer is it is a journey of discovery. Having a little fear mixed with mounting excitement through scolding with your key words used. Anticipating going across the knee and skirt lifted then knickers slowly taken down.

Should the spanking be hard? Yes, but as what is hard enough to you to satisfy and perhaps prompt tears which are as much about emotional release and being the naughty you inside and indulging as the sting in your bottom.

I could go on but you will bored already so hope to hear, if not then I hope it has made you think
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