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Although I'm now ideally seeking a 24/7 DD relationship, I am interested in caring for a sub as a Disciplinarian and have been in this lifestyle for over ten years with many successes under my belt; metaphorically speaking :-).

I'm 71, 5' 8", around 71kg, privately educated, currently single, very fit (run most days) and have a rather dry but wicked sense of humour; and I do have all my own teeth, so I can bite as well :-D.

Whilst being a very considerate, emotionally warm and understanding disciplinarian, I'm very serious about discipline for the order, focus and long term benefits it brings to a sub's life and will not hesitate administering serious punishments if they are earned for lazy, bad or disrespectful behaviour.

I'm not here because I enjoy smacking lady's bottom, as pleasant as it may be at times, I'm here to make a real difference to a sub's life so she can feel good about herself and achieve her goals in life; my real satisfaction is achieving long term results.

I particularly believe that regular, ritualistic and protracted Maintenance avoids minor problems becoming major issues and keeps a sub on track. This is most definitely not role play and no games are involved in my approach to discipline. I would expect regular contact with a sub and her work/progress would be constantly monitored.

Please only contact me if you are serious about correcting your issues, keeping focused on your goals or changing your life for the better. Provided I consider your goals achievable, I can almost guarantee that, between us, we won't fail
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